Lee-Sean Huang: Rwanda Reflections

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If I say “Rwanda,” the first thing most of you will say would be “genocide.” Or maybe the animal lovers and adventure travelers among you will say “gorillas” as a distant second.

Davide Casali: Can We Harness Emotions to End Genocide?

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Designer and Automattician Davide Casali has recently returned from Kigali, Rwanda, where he participated in the UX for Good project. Today he shares his thoughts on this unique experience.

Matt Franks: Hidden Patterns in Rwanda’s Reconciliation

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Writing throughout the challenge posed to be a bigger challenge than I thought; given the time spent traveling and doing actual work. But I plan on continuing these posts as this project progresses.

Roberta Tassi: Activating the Rwandan Rebirth

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What happens when you gather 10 designers from all over the globe, make them fly to three different continents in seven days, to focus on one complex social problem in the world?

Laurel Hechanova: Unbearable

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The group of us sat around a long row of tables on the back patio. We’d each finished a beer or two at this point—the first since getting off several consecutive planes for some of us and the first with the full group for all of us. We talked about how perfect the weather was that night and what malaria meds everyone was on.